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Carpet Cleaning

Make it like new! For you, for your pet and for everyone who`s coming in your house

Oh that carpet gets dirty a lot, we know. Whether you have kids, pets or is just the two of you it still gets messy and you are tired to clean it every week, you just want a break! We help!

Chesham Cleaning does come to your rescue and cleans your carpet if you choose our carpet cleaning pack.

A good carpet cleaning means we come and pay special attention to the carpet and we clean it till it looks almost new ( you know we can not make it new unless it’s a new one)

With our carpet cleaning, all the dirt and most of the stains will be removed by injecting hot water between the carpet fiber and in the same time the machine almost removes most of the moisture and gets all the dirt and stains.

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Lounge (16×16 feet) - £25

Through lounge - £45

Bedrooms (14×14 feet) - £22

Hallway - £11

Staircase - £25


Ready for booking?

Keep in mind that we need to come and see the carpet before the clean to tell you an exact price and this can take a few days so book your appointment in advance!