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Office Cleaning

Efficient for your business. Because Your image matters!

In order to have a successful business you have to maintain a certain image and that it’s possible only if your building office is clean and tidy. We can help you do that. Just make an appointment with us for an office cleaning. We come, we asses and we book you in at your preferred time frame.

Our office cleaning includes dusting, moping, hoover, clean bathrooms and toilets, clean desks, water your plants, cleaning your kitchen, inside window cleaning as long as we can reach them, we even offer office carpet cleaning if you need , and all of this can be arranged to suit your needs so that means you can book your office cleaning for everything or just parts of it. You choose, we do it!


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Give us a call and we will do our best to make an appointment with you as soon as possible!
(Our prices start from £13/hour for 1 cleaner and minimum 3 hours weekly, with your equipment and £16/hour with our professional equipment)